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Gua Sha has been used for centuries in East Asia and is today used by acupuncturists and other practitioners of traditional East Asian medicine throughout the world. The technique is moving and draining. The technique is performed by the practitioner scratching / rubbing on the skin with a tool, which can, for example, be made of stone, horn, porcelain or jade, etc. Gua Sha can be very effective in preventing and treating acute illness, such as digestive problems and upper respiratory tract, and many other chronic and acute disorders. Clients with e.g. stiffness, fever, colds, coughs, nausea, etc., often experience immediate relief when treated with Gua Sha.


What do I learn on the course?

The course will focus mainly on the practical part and training of the techniques by the table. Theoretically, you will be introduced to what Gua Sha is. You will be taught by an experienced Gua Sha practitioner and instructor.

– Practical training in the method

– Western and Chinese Medical Approach.

– All methods are based on TCM and can be combined with Acupuncture.

– Explanation of skin reaction, including diagnosis.

– Contraindications


What can you help your clients with?

– Muscle pain & tension (neck, shoulder, lower back, etc.)

– Chronic hepatitis

– Colds & Flu

– Tourette syndrome

– Migraines & headaches

– Bronchitis

– Asthma

– Tennis & golf elbows


Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in this course. It is not a criterion that you have prior knowledge and experience as a therapist. If you are already working as a therapist, you can use the course as a supplement to your current skills and treatments. If you do not treat already, you can for example. use the course to treat family and friends.


You have to bring your own breakfast on the course. However, coffee, tea and fruit will be served during breaks.


REMEMBER: Bring two sheets on the first day of teaching.

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Practical information

Knowledge of anatomy & physiology is recommended, but not a requirement.

0900 – 1700


1000 DKK

The course teacher is a practitioner in body therapy, Shiatsu massage, tui Na massage, cupping therapy, gua sha and traditional massage.

19 sep 2020.


Enrollment Process:

  • Fill out and submit the registration form below

  • Transfer participant fee within 24 hours of registration submitted for mobile payment: 42172057.

  • When a participant fee is received you are secured a place on the team

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