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Massages in the body’s energy pathways are used in several different treatment systems, including Shiatsu, Tui Na, body therapy and traditional Thai massage. In Shiatsu, Tui Na and body therapy, one works from the Chinese mapping of the body’s energy pathway system, also called meridian pathways. In traditional Thai massage, one works instead from a Thai mapping, where energy paths are called late lines. In this course we will work only on the Chinese system, with emphasis on the body therapeutic massage techniques.

What is the difference between the different meridian massage techniques?

The systems contain both differentiating techniques and some that recur in all the systems. You work in all the systems with acupressure pressure in the body’s energy pathways with the aim of creating a balance between yin and yang, since an imbalance between these two will mean that qi (the body’s life energy) cannot flow freely and you can get sick.

At the end of the course, you will be able to perform a full treatment of the body’s front and back using the learned techniques.

The course will focus on the practical. The theory will therefore primarily be reviewed through the practical exercises at the massagetable.

What do I learn on the course?

The course will focus mainly on the practical part and training of the techniques of the chip. Theoretically, you will be introduced to what meridian massage is. You will be taught by an experienced Meridian massage practitioner and instructor.

Theoretical part:

Review of the body’s 12 meridian pathways
The main acupressure points
Yin & yang
The five stages
The vital substances of the body (essence, jin-ye, shen and qi)
Practical part:

Treatment of client lying on back (face, chest, neck, shoulder, abdomen, front legs, feet)
Treatment of client lying on stomach (upper back, lower back, buttocks, back legs).

What can you help your clients with?

Upper & lower back pain
digestive problems
Tension headaches & migraines
Stress, anxiety, depression
Lack of energy
and much more

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in this course. It is not a criterion that you have prior knowledge and experience as a therapist. If you are already working as a therapist, you can use the course as a supplement to your current skills and treatment. If you do not treat already, you can for example. use the course to treat family and friends. You have to bring your own breakfast on the course. However, coffee, tea and fruit will be served during breaks. REMEMBER: Bring two sheets on the first day of teaching.



See a Meridian massage treatment here

Practical information

Knowledge of anatomy & physiology is recommended, but not a requirement.

0900 – 1700


7000 DKK

The course teacher is a practitioner in body therapy, Shiatsu massage, tui Na massage, cupping therapy and traditional massage.

Part 1: 26 & 27 sep 2020

Part 2: 3 & 4 Okt 2020

Part 3: 10 & 11 Okt 2020


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