Totum body therapy

A body therapy treatment with me always starts with your need, where you are in your life now and what you have with you in your backpack. The way you have lived your life is reflected in your body, both mentally and physically.
My treatment therefore focuses on restoring balance between your body & psyche so you can achieve higher wellness and quality of your daily life.

You may have back pain, neck and shoulder pain?

Do you feel stressed and burned out?

Do you suffer from constipation or other digestive problems?

Do you have exam anxiety?

I can help you with these issues at my massage parlor, centrally in Frederiksberg.

What is Totum Body Therapy?

A body therapeutic treatment is a complex treatment consisting of various techniques, e.g. in-depth massage in the body’s meridian orbits, zone pressure, joint release, organ massage, stretching and directing your breath.
It is a holistic form of treatment where I work with your body & psyche as a whole.

The following disorders and problems can be alleviated, among other things, with Totum body therapy:

• Tension headaches and migraines
• Back, neck and shoulder problems
• Tennis elbow, mouse injury and frozen shoulder
• Traffic damage, e.g. whiplash
• Hip, hip and sciatic pain

• Anxiety, depression, sadness
• Stress & burnout
• Trauma
• Self-esteem issues
The circuit
• Allergy
• Eczema
• Digestive and metabolic problems
• Pain & imbalances in organs 






  • 55 min
  • 85 min

OPening hours

Monday17 - 21
Tues Day17 - 21
Wednesday17 - 21
Thursday17 - 21
Friday17 - 21

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